Frida Hyvönen releases her new album today!

Today, the 11th of April Frida Hyvönen releases To the soul and we wish her all the luck with her new album.

frida hyvönen


A Swedish review is available at

And find out more about Frida Hyvönen at


Mates of Mine – Possibilities

Mates of Mine just released their second album called Possibilities. It was recorded in Nashville in the House Of David, the same historical studio that such legends as Elvis recorded music in the 1960´s. They got great reviews from Nöjesmagasinet 5/5 and 4/5 from Lyckliga hundar. Read more about Mates of Mine & their new album Possibilities at Folkbladet

Listen to the single Possibilities at:Spotify

Long Play with Mates of Mine (2012) Trailer. This is a feature documentary about Mates of Mine and the recording of their new album (to be released in 2012). It takes place in Nashville and features, amongst others, R.S Field, Steve Earle, Richard McLaurin and Steve Conn. A film by Erik Löfgren”

With Love. Sofie

New song with Popterror – 40 år

Our sweetharts Popterror released a new single called “40 år” at 19th of march if you haven’t already heard it. It’s available at Spotify. At Facebook they said that it’s about Bräcke Polar Bears and a girl from Brunflo. Which we think sounds exciting!

And if you can’t get enough watch this session we did with them last year at Iksu:
Popterror – Försommaren 98 @ IKSU, Umeå

With love. Sofie

Meshuggah is releasing Koloss today

Meshuggah is one of the most respected bands in the metal genre and they started out around 25 years ago in Umeå. March 23 they release their latest album named Koloss at Nuclear blast and as fans of heavy music this should be celebrated and we’re hoping that they will stop in Umeå sometime on their upcoming tour. And they are more than welcome to perform in the hammock at any time!

Read more on the bands website at

And there is also a review of the new album at (in Swedish)

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Simon Öhman Jönsson