The recipe was; one band, one hammock, one camera and one take somewhere in Umeå, Sweden. The result was a video blog with new music sessions every month!
Hammock Sessions was active between 2010-2014 with the purpose to show Umeå and Västerbottens great music life! We wanted to create a common and equal stage regarding gender, ethnicity, status, popularity and music genres. With a mix between the local, national and international bands and artists that visit our part of the world. In Umeå there is something for everyone and we loved to share it with you!

Thanks to all the volunteers, artists, sponsors, producers, production team members, and everybody else involved in the project through out the years.

Anna Hamilton – founder, producer
Daniel Wikström – sound, production team
Jakob Nyström – founder, production team
Johannes Oscarsson – sound, production team
Love Lundgren – sound, production team
Simon Öhman Jönsson – producer, production team
Sofie Edvardsson – founder, production team