Magnus Ekelund & Jakob Hellman joined us for some sessions.

Today we recorded two sessions, the first one with Magnus Ekelund who is currently supporting Jakob Hellman on tour and will be releasing a new album in the middle of May. The second one we did with Jakob Hellman, well known artist since his “…Och stora havet” was released 1989. We are so glad that both of them wanted to join us in the hammock and the sessions will be posted here when released.

If you hurry you can see them both perform at Scharinska tonight!


Täfteåfestivalen has released some great bands.


caotico the band

Caotico will be playing at Täfteåfestivalen

Täfteåfestivalen has released some bands for the 2012 festival and we are really looking forward for this years festival. New for this year is that the whole festival site has moved to be able do take bigger crowds and offer a even greater festival experience.First artists to be released is Movits, Caotico, Euskefeurat, Little Marbles and Popterror. For the latest from Täfteåfestivalen visit their Facebook page.


More on the bands! 




Little Marbles


Refused reunion tour

I guess no one has missed the reunion of Refused, Swedish hardcore pioneers originally founded in 1991 in Umeå. And now they are of to their US tour as well as a couple of  dates in Europe and this will most definite be a good show. They warmed up with stage rehearsals both in Umeå at Scharinska and Debaser in Stockholm and check out the videos below to see what happened in the pit.


Refused live at Debaser Medis, Stockholm


Refused live at Scharinska, Umeå


Üni Foreman with great reviews at Umeå Open

Üni Foreman from Skellefteå had a awesome gig at Umeå open and got some great reviews. “I HAVE SEEN Skellefteås future for the indie-scene and its name is Üni Foreman” -Olov Antonsson, Västerbottens Folkblad. Read more here: Folkbladet

Üni Foreman in the hammock with t-rex mum. Beautiful is what I say!

With Love. Sofie

Cleo at P3 session!

Umeås Cleo just did a gig at Umeå Open. P3 session recorded. For you guys that missed it listen here: P3 session

Promoe also gave a guest performance at “Attention Soliders”. And to give a tease, Cleo, Promoe and Trainspotters did a super session earlier that day with us. I know your all exited but it will be released soon.

Watch the session we did with cleo 2010.

Just couldn’t resist: Cleo At Melodifestivalen. Just awesome!

With love. Sofie

Amanda Mair in the hammock and on stage

Earlier today Amanda Mair joined us to record a session with a song from her new album and later tonight she stood on stage Äpplet to perform. The session will be really good and it’s so much fun recording these sessions during Umeå Open and tomorrow we will record some more and Navet is one them. They played tonight on Debaser stage and we are looking forward to do a session with them.


amanda mair at umeå openamanda mair at umeå open

Amanda playing at Äpplet, Folkets Hus


Navet at umeå open

Navet at umeå open

 Navet on stage


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More info about the festival

Mossbröderna @ Gammlia, Umeå

Lowa, Emma & Olivia @ Kii, Umeå

Slutet @ Stadskyrkan, Umeå